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Photography for Business

Do you need images that capture who you are, the quality of your product or service and effectively communicate that to your target market? The imagery on your website and print resources are the most effective way of talking to your prospective clients. Talk to me about how to get that message across effectively.

You have the choice of setting your budget and I will limit my time as specified. Alternately, you can describe what you need and I will quote according to how much time I think it will take.

£85 first hour & set-up*

£45/hr each additional hour 

£25/hr editing

* the planning of the shoot is included in the set-up rate.

Professional Profile Pictures

Do you need a professional headshot? Come to the studio or pick a location that better suits you. Each session takes 10-15 minutes. I select the best 8-12 images from your session and upload them to a password protected online gallery. You pick your favourite 3 suggest any edits you would like. I send them to you using Dropbox in both high quality files (for printing)  and internet ready small files (for easy use online).

£35/person *

*I am running a monthly profile picture day with an early bird rate of £25/person so book early and save £10.

Next date is Monday 3rd April so...

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If you have a regular need for images or would like to be able to budget annually for your photography talk to me about some options. A retainer can save you 10-50% on the cost of your photography, so if you'd like to learn more get in touch.

From £50/mth

Property Photography

Selling or renting your property? On a budget but want to make the most of what you have? Get a full set of edited digital images in online and print ready file sizes promptly and with minimal fuss. 

£50/property 1-2 bedrooms

(+£5 each additional bedroom)

Events Photography

Do you have a special occasion like a formal dinner, university ball, school graduation where it would be great for people to be able to have their picture taken for free. They can then relive the event and purchase prints or digital files from the comfort of their own homes.

Or maybe you are launching a book, winning an award or your team is doing work in the community that you would like recorded for promotion and prosperity. 

Get in touch to work out which option works best for you.

Option 1: No fee (product only: prints from £7.50)

Option 2: Priced at business rates


Generating relevant, engaging visual content is important for many businesses. It might be too early in your business journey to hire a professional photographer, so why not do the next best thing and learn some tricks to do it yourself. Or possibly you are an established business with a need to generate large amounts of visual content quickly and regularly and it would be more effective to train existing team members to take better images. There are options to suit every type of business.

£150 2hr in-house individually tailored workshop for your business

£25-35/person 3hr Photography for Business workshop MAX 6ppl* 

*I am running a monthly Photography Training for Business Marketing with an early bird rate of £25/person so book early and save £10.

The next date is Monday 17th April so...

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All prices and specifications quoted are subject to discussion of your requirements as the client. Milage charged at £0.45/mile for locations 10miles+ from the Studio at 90 Giles Street, Edinburgh at my discretion. 

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