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Mother & Baby Package

Are you looking for a gift for a mum to be? 
Or maybe your want pictures you will treasure forever?
This great voucher allows you [or the mum to be] decide how you uses it. You can either decide to have a maternity and then a newborn session, with £300 spending money. Alternatively, she could decide to have 3 sessions capturing the first year of the baby’s life, with £200 to spend on products.

Sounds confusing? Let me explain…

Example A: A la carte

Imagine you want to have 3 sessions with baby at newborn (1-2 weeks), 6 months and 12 months, which is 3x £50 for each session. Then you want a 24” 9 image framed print at £250 and digital files at £150.

Total payable: 3x £50 sessions + 24” Frame £250 + Digital files £150 = £550

But with the package this is what happens.

Example B: You pay £250 for the package.

You decide if you want 3 sessions, the framed print and digital files. So combine the cost of the framed print and digital files [£250+£150=£400] take away the £200 spending money [£400-£200=£200] and you pay the difference, £200.

Total payable: Package £250 + Products [£400-£200] = £450

Saving you £100

Example C: You pay £250 for the package.

You choose 2 sessions, the framed print and digital files you get £300 spending money [£400-£300=£100], which means the difference, is £100.

Total payable: Package £250 + Products [£400-£300] = £350

Saving you £200

- A la carte -

Portfolio Box
5 mounts £200
10 mounts £225
15 mounts £250
This is a box that holds up to 15 mounted images with lots of layout options. It comes with its own stand so that you can change the pictures you display. It is an ideal product for maternity and first year pictures as it lets you display or keep your images private depending on how you feel.

Digital Files
10 high resolution images on CD or USB £150
10 digital files with the right to make as many prints as you like. You can choose whether to have the images on a USB or a CD. Though this is not recommended as the quality of the prints can vary wildly depending on the lab or product you use to print them.

Framed Prints
12"max (1-4 images)£150
18"max (1-6 images) £200
24"max (1-9 images) £250
30"max (1-9 images) £300
All framed prints are blocked into 4 sizes based on the longest dimension. The frames can be rectangular or square. These prices include a range of images and a choice of frames and mounts to suit your home or that of the person you’re giving them to. The number of images in the frame varies from 1 to 9, though the smaller frames are limited to a maximum of 4 images. When you decide on framed prints I design a few options and let you select your favourite.

Coffee Table Book
12x12" 20 pages (15-25 images) £250
For the coffee table books you choose your favourite 15-25 images and then I design your book. You can add in text and other images as you like. Then I will send you a draft for you to approve before sending it to print.

Fine Art Wrap
20x16" £150
24x16" £175
A more delicate version of a canvas with the option of full image wrap or coloured border.

Desktop Duo
8x6" £100
10x8" £125
12x6" £150
A reversible desk block with a high gloss acrylic finish that can go on a shelf or desk. You choose two images which go on either side.

One off on location photography session £50

Additional extras
I also have prices for acrylic blocks, aluminum prints, Christmas cards, calendars, iPad/iPhone/android covers, mugs…basically anything you can think of, so just let me know and I’ll find it for you.

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