Wedding Pricelist - Claire Watson Photography

The Wee Wedding


...because even if you are on a budget you still deserve professional pictures and a beautiful album.  The Wee Wedding packages includes these essentials:

2 face to face meeting with me to discover what is important to you. The stories you want told and ideas for pictures that are unique to you and your venue.

2 hours of photography which might not sound like a lot but depending on your timing and venue(s) it can cover the arrival of your guests to the ceremony, the arrival of the happy couple, the ceremony, group and individual portraits, as well as some of the fine details of the venue. Additional time can be added at a rate of £50 per hour.

A modern storybook album designed to your specifications.

A password protected online gallery.

Facebook icon, banner and 3 digital images.

Images backed up for 2 years with the option of extending and reordering anytime you like or when you have a bit more cash available.

…all that for only £550!

Fun and fabulous add-ons

We can add in anything you like to your package, more time, story book album upgrades, traditional leather bound timeless albums, engagement shoot, signing board, thank you cards, framed prints, parents and bridesmaids albums, digital files, acrylic desk mounts, smart phone and tablet computer covers. Basically, anything you can think of.

For example if you wanted to add an Engagement Shoot, which I always strongly recommend [see the blog for more details], including a password protected online gallery and a choice of 3 prints. It would cost and additional £75.

So give me a call on 0776 309 2221 to arrange a time to sit-down for a coffee or contact me at the top of the page. Whatever your budget we can make sure you get great pictures on your special day.

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