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The goal of all my training is to help businesses be more successful by better using images to talk to their customers and potential customers. Or if you prefer in marketing speak ‘to facilitate SMEs and solopreneurs to visually communicate more effectively with their target market driving engagement and sales’.

Would you like help with your images?


Then what would deliver the most for you, your business, your company?


A focus on continuous improvement looking at your product, personnel, environment, equipment etc. Developing a set of visual guidelines, knowledge and resources with regular tailored training, assessment and feedback on what images deliver the best results.


A one off information and training session, that looks at the same things as above, but with the goal of leaving you with the visual guidelines and knowledge to implement the plan to maximise those resources as suits you.


A training course that touches on a variety of topics and as everyone has different needs and demands on their time there are 3 options. Each course will run seasonally with #T4B3 alternating between weekdays and weekends and #T4B6x alternating between weekday mornings and evenings.

How do I book a course or find out more information?

If you'd like tailored training for your business either A or B just use the contact form to get in touch and I'll get back to you with either a quote or to find out some more details. Prices from £150.

For the training courses check out the descriptions below, click on your preferred date and a link will take you to Eventbrite. If the course you're interested in isn't on Eventbrite yet  you can either drop me a message to send you an invite when it goes live using the contact form, sign up to the newsletter or join the Digital Content Masterclass Facebook group. The group has hints and tips from Katie, Brendan and I, so there is lots of free knowledge going as well as keeping you up to date on the courses we all offer.       

Training for Business (3hrs) #T4B3

£45 (Earlybird £35)


3hr group course, MAX of 6 people.


 + Targeting your market by composing better images.

 + Working on the clarity of your message and consistent branding.

 + Problem solving for the specific challenges in your business.

 + Creating an image guide and plan.


Saturday 24th June 2018

Wednesday 19th September 2018

Saturday 12th January 2019 (provisional)

Wednesday 20th March 2019 (provisonal)


90 Giles Street, Edinburgh EH6 6BZ

Training for Business (6x 1.5hrs) #T4B6x

£120 all 6 sessions booked as block

£30/session if booked separately 


6 sessions of 1.5hrs over 6wks, which can either be booked individually or as a block. MAX 6 people/session.


Session 1

Assessment of current situation, knowledge, skills, equipment, etc. How to take more interesting pictures.

Session 2

Defining of target market. Practising styles of photography to match those markets. Creating an imagery guide for your business.

Session 3

Highlighting key features of your product or service. Using those to develop a clear message through composition, lighting, perspective, etc.

Session 4

Developing your brand message by using editing and design tools. Including information on specific social media platforms.

Session 5

Storytelling to help the sales process. Looking at simple ways of creating a narrative that supports customers. Helping them to buy from you.

Session 6

Efficiency. Looking at (playing with) different equipment and planning strategies to save you time, money and stress.


Wednesday Mornings Jul-Aug 2018

Thursday Evenings Oct-Nov 2018

Wednesday Mornings Jan-Feb 2019 (provisional)

Thursday Evenings Apr-May 2019 (provisional)


90 Giles Street, Edinburgh EH6 6BZ

Digital Content Masterclass #DCM

£199  (Earlybird £149)

Full day mixed skills course to create the best performing content of 2018 by learning digital content strategy, video and photography from our panel of experts.

Katie, marketing;

 + zero in on your ideal customer and target audience

 + define goals for your social media and content marketing

 + generate original content ideas

 + plan a publishing schedule which suits you and your fans.

Brendan, video;

 + find affordable kit to make you look and sound great

 + plan your video shoot to keep a handle on time and costs

 + prep guests, colleagues, and customers to star in your videos 

+ edit and publish your own videos.

Claire (me), photography;

 + take more interesting pictures to target your audience

 + ensure your messaging is clear and consistent with your brand

 + tell stories that help your customers buy from you

 + develop your image plan to compliment your content ideas


Thursday 7th June 2018

September 2018

December 2018

March 2019


Bright Purple Resourcing, Eagle Building, 19 Rose St, Edinburgh EH2 2PR

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