Training - Claire Watson Photography

Generating relevant, engaging visual content is important for many businesses. It might be too early in your business journey to hire a professional photographer, so why not do the next best thing and learn some tricks to do it yourself. Or possibly you are an established business with a need to generate large amounts of visual content quickly and regularly and it would be more effective to train existing team members to take better images. There are options to suit every type of business. Call 0776 309 2221 or contact me using the form above to talk over what it could mean for you.

Up-skill Yourself

I'm working on new content for this year's 3hr Photography Training for Business Marketing workshop. It will be being relaunched soon, so drop me a note through the contact page and I'll message you when all the details are finalised. Watch this space! 

Tailored Training for

your Business

An in-house individually tailored workshop for your business. Teaching you and your employees how to improve their basic photography skills. Define a brand style to promote your business to your market. Match that style to the platforms you are using, so you have a strategy you are able to deliver with your visual communications. 

Prices start for £150

Call me on 0776 309 2221 if you'd like to talk over some ideas or use the contact form above.