Photography Club

Key features:


Daily Monday to Friday at 2pm

40mins on Zoom

Children and young people

(anyone who can be trusted with a camera phone)

The format is the same everyday. A theme, a bit of time to think about it, practice, feedback, photography focus, challenge for the day, feedback, ideas for the future.

No-one needs to join with sound or video if it makes them uncomfortable. They can treat it like TV and just watch and do the challenges.

It is suitable for neurodiversity, with verbal and visual instructions, as well as examples. Everyone can interact to a level they feel comfortable with and timings remain fairly loose so we can work at our own pace.

The session outlines are all on the photography club page, so if you would like to do the challenges in your own time feel free.

The key idea is there are no right or wrong answers. Your ideas and opinions are what is important. The focus is on looking at and thinking about things in different ways.

It will always be FREE, but if you find it useful and would like to buy me a coffee there is a button on the home page.

Photography Training for Business

Business focused photography training course is a 2hr online course that provides;

Skills and knowledge to improve your photography.

Practice in creating interesting content in lockdown.

Ideas for social media content.

Risk free opportunities to test some of your ideas and get feedback.

Simple and straightforward processes to follow.

Information on how to save time and build your confidence.

After the session you will also receive templates to support your strategic planning and access to ongoing support through a Whatsapp Group, if you wish. These small group classes (MAX 4pp) will be held 2-3 times per week on Zoom and should be booked through Eventbrite.

The first 2 sessions (8 places) are discounted to £25pp (normal rate £45), as I experiment with online delivery, so get in early for extra value ;)

Click here for times and dates

Business Imagery Advisory

How do you work within your current constraints to keep your potential customers engaged? What content will keep your business relevant and visible online? What is the most time and cost effective way to do this?

These are some of the challenges we will tackle during our 2hr session, which can be for up to 3 team members.

We start by discussing your existing business; how you want to be seen, what platforms do you use, how do you feel about them, how much time do you have, etc. Before reviewing your existing customer base and if that is the same as your current target market.

We then move on to the existing challenges and resources you have available. Followed by discussing and coming up with a range of ideas for other visual content.

We then do some training in styles of imagery, camera features and composition guidelines. This is then reviewed and ideas added to the list of potential content.

The last section is to look at your organisation's limitations in terms of time, budget and manpower to set out a practical and achievable plan.

After the session you will receive a digital copy of this plan with links to content, ideas, resources and examples. A week later we will have a follow up meeting (15mins) to review what has and hasn’t worked and review the action plan.

Sessions including training, plan, resources and follow up are £120 (20% discount from the normal face to face sessions).

Email me if you are interested.

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