40mins of FREE, child entertainment/education I'm running a daily photography club on Zoom at 2pm .

    - You are welcome to join in too.

    - The format will be the same everyday.

    - Suitable for neurodiversity (will be working on this).

    - There will be a general theme every day.

    - Age range is anyone who can work a camera phone.

Over arching idea is there are no right or wrong answers. Your ideas and opinions are what's important. The focus is on looking at and thinking about things in different ways.

Here's the link https://zoom.us/j/465083741 come and join us everyday at 2pm for 40mins of photography fun if you are looking for something to do.

To upload pictures to the club gallery follow the link here.

#photography #socialdistancing #creative #fun

Club Pictures

Sessions so far...

Here are the links to all sessions so far. 'Theme' > Challenge. Feel free to repeat or try new ones. Click on the links to see the PDFs in GDrive. 

Day 1 PDF 'Your favourite thing' > Busy or Quiet 

Day 2 PDF 'Toys' > Juxtaposition                              

Day 3 PDF 'Animals' > Perspective                         

Day 4 PDF 'People' > Light 

Day 5 PDF 'Plants' > Macro

Day 11 PDF 'Food' > Angles 

Day 12 PDF 'Mystery Object' > Silhouettes                            

Day 13 PDF 'Portraits' > Black & White                        

Day 14 PDF 'Collections' > 3rds

Day 15 PDF 'Animals' > Movement

Day 6 PDF 'Lego' > Rule of Thirds

Day 7 PDF 'Still Life' > Rule of Thirds (continued)

Day 8 PDF 'Pets' > Framing

Day 9 PDF 'Mirrors' > Reflections

Day 10 PDF 'Storytelling' > Shadows


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